My journey into woodworking started as a kid. I really didn't like school except for the shop class. Honestly, it was probably the only thing I wanted to learn. After Highschool, I had no idea what to do so my Grandfather knew I liked making things and asked what I needed to start making furniture. I said " I need some tools and a place to work," he said ok no problem you can turn the basement into a workshop, and let's start looking at tools. Once we got a few tools to start I was making tables and cabinets and things and taking them around to all the small-town craft fairs. After a couple of years, I started refinishing antiques along with woodworking and that was a lot of fun. Going to auctions and buying old pieces, stripping them down repairing, reupholstering, and refinishing. I eventually progressed into contracting and as life got busy and business boomed the furniture and woodworking fell to the side. Some of my best memories are working beside my Grandfather sanding and running rough lumber through the little planer that we had both picked from a local sawmill. Many years later here I am again back creating with my hands and wondering why I ever stopped. For me it's the creativity of seeing a slab and picturing what I can turn it into. Every piece is different and sometimes I see a really nice slab but then I get it to the shop and can't cut it up because its just too beautiful so it sits there until I design something worthy of its natural beauty. I really love when there is a backstory to the wood, a history of where it came from if you will. I have some old growth olive slabs that are extremely rare and one of a kind pieces. The olive wood was from a 700+ year old tree that came from a church property in Southern California, it was planted by Monks traveling the coast and establishing church properties over 700 years ago. When milling the old olive trees they found arrow heads and rocks and things embedded into the trunk from its growth. Very cool history attached to the olive pieces as they are very rare and valuable. No idea what they will be transformed into.
If you have an idea for something unique and want to talk about it please contact me. Thank you